Frozen in Time Art

by Elizabeth Smith



Thank you for reviewing some of the artwork I have created! Several are currently available for sale, others can be replicated and customized to fit the size and color scheme that best siuts your own personal preferences and home decor. 
Please contact me directly for custom art work using real botanicals encapsulated in resin or for reproductions on canvas or framed prints please visit

Ph 352-804-1772

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Artist Profile

I am relatively new to the art world having spent my entire working career in some form of business endeavor the longest of which was in the Health Club business either selling personal training programs and managing the Training staff and or implementing training programs myself for a wide variety of clientele.
In the Fall of 2017 I started noticing a very common mineral called Mica in tones of gold, bronze, rose and purple all over the ground where I lived and suddenly my eyes were fully opened to really seeing all the wild flowers and grasses and colorful leaves and gorgeous trees all around me and along with the mica I really wanted to create....something. It was equally important to capture and preserve the actual subject matter: to gather a wide variety of wildflowers, grasses, leaves, twigs, moss, mica, quarts and pebbles and to then create images of individual trees, meadow or landscape scenes. Curtain tassels and woven belts make fantastic and unusual trees with intricate roots, trunks and branches to which I add a variety of natural and skeleton leaves.Touches of acrylic paint on the blossoms and stems enhance and preserve the vibrant colors of the flowers and some of the leaves. 
Everything is arranged in a frame on a clear glass surface and then encapsulated and protected in a UV resistant epoxy resin for a glossy, tough coat. The original artwork is very dimensional. When seen from the side the flowers and trees look like they are coming out of water and the negative space within the wall art remains translucent.